Thursday, January 10, 2002

Hahahaha, Clay... I got it right now. My excuse is that my english is a shit (sic). Thanks to clear it. OK, but I cannot change the foccus. Actually you have agreed that “Gonzo is a better way to reach those markets that are already micromarkets”. But the micromarkets are not static. It´s quite dinamic and it´s growing like the web. The markets fragmentation are the reality in the traditional markets too. The companies tried to divide it in niches. But I doesn´t work properly. And in the Web enviroment it does´t work at all (It´s not a mass media).
You talk about Jelly. But who cares? Just the manufacturer. Nobody wants to talk about Jelly.(Ok, cars are a better subject to create a debate).The traditional branding concept doesn´t matter anymore. Gonzo Marketing is an anti marketing idea. Advocates to the markets. Not to the corporation. If you want to deal with the markets you need to deal with people who are developing it. The markets are getting intelligent enough for the traditional way to marketing. Think Priceline.

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