Friday, January 04, 2002

To hazard an answer to "Clay's"** question, "liking it" is both precisely the point and beside the point. Reality in general presents much to like, and much to endure. "GM" makes the simple (if brilliant) observation that the more the latter is transformed into the former, the more each of us - as customer - develops loyalties and even passions about those to whom we choose to pay our hard-earned cash.*** Those choices - the who and how - have never been greater, and continue their exponential growth. Companies that fail to pay attention to the role of loyalties and passions in the parting-with-cash calculus will find themselves lacking any quarterly numbers to shred. So what if paying attention involves a re-allocation of operating expenses? Learn to like it.

** "Not his real name." Among other things, the e-mail domain is a dead giveaway... Or, am I spoiling all the fun? If so, my apologies, and here's a consolation prize from the folks at Sanrio, self-promoters the likes of which not even this crowd can approach: Kitty Credit.

*** By the same token, the more each of us - as worker - develops loyalties and passions about those to whom we devote our precious time.

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