Saturday, January 05, 2002

I understand the math. Really. But the nature of your equations is wrong. The way I see it, it's not about 1 Felicity J. Gonzo as said employee of JELL-O company reaching 100,000 micromarket members (MMMs as you call em). It's about 100,000 MMM moms talking with one another in a forum or on a blog like this about the pros and cons of private schools (or whatever), and about the side conversations that take place at light speed about things like child care and kids with asthma, and finding out that jell-o is really good when your child is sick and has an asthma flair-up because it's easy on the throat and has a high water content, and oh by the way my kid like's tangarine JELL-O brand jell-o best. And suddently the 25,000 MMMs with asthmatic kids, and a bunch without asthmatic kids, put tangerine JELL-O on next week's grocery list to keep in the cupboard.

And BEFORE all of this happens, really smart jell-o company looks for communities of interest, not necessarily directly related to their business, but in some way, I say up to five hyper-discussions away, germane. Then really smart jell-o company underwrites and supports these communities, along with others, helping to build them into really strong viable places for voice and opinion. Eventually it comes full circle. Not all the time, and not at first. But wait.

I can see it so clearly I wish I could explain it to you better--Maybe someone else will chime in and help me be more clear. I'll let another gonzoite explain why it's not a smart use of your 30K to have the goal of "reaching" 200,000 people through broadcast media.

Thanks for taking part in a lively discussion!


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