Thursday, December 27, 2001

To Mike's point/question about how Gonzo Marketing relates to self-promotion. My first response to that is that there is a direct correlation. Both the Gonzo book and the Cluetrain Manifesto consistently come back to "voice" as the seminal ingredient. A voice is not a voice if it is not speaking. One doesn't have to be an egomaniac in the process... there seem to be many humble postings going on out there, but how would you market if you didn't say anything (or write something)? You might also say that you are marketing something other than yourself such as a product or service, but in the Gonzo person-to-person style I think that self promotion goes hand in glove with the process. You may speak for the purpose of marketing, but in the process you as an individual become associated with the communication you put out there.

To honor Mike's request I'll keep this short and await echoes from the group...

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