Friday, December 28, 2001

I agree with David (and am so glad to see him here!) Gonzo is not about the author/writer/speaker/thinker, but *from* that person. In other words, I can speak of someone else or even as someone else, but it's gonzo if it is engaged -- if the author is involved in the writing of the text. That is where voice emerges. This doesn't mean the writer must necessarily be physically involved or present, but it does mean that the author has a vested interest (and as David says, that he 'exposes' something). Self-promotion is a byproduct, not so much a forethought. And it is completely optional for the audience to support or underwrite that voice. The voice remains regardless. My two cents.

Thanks Mike for zinging some life back into RGE. David, please come back often, and bring some folks with you!

Hernani and others, don't censor yourselves. Not here. Write and engage. If we fail to be engaged (and to engage), then the blog will become quiet. But if our posts incite, no matter their length, then we'll continue to thrive here. That's fine with me. The ebb and flow is essential in life, both online and offline.

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