Monday, December 24, 2001

Jeanne what a sweetheart you are. I didn't imagine that when I read Chris's suggestion that someone might want to take issue with that vacuuous review, that you would end up pasting into our own forum. On reading your note about it appearing twice I went back to look at the Amazon site to check it out. I say never look a free double-review in the mouth! And I liked the little one-liner at the top - "3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful". Let's hope that means they've bought the book.

Hey, there's no Eggnog around here, though I wish there were, and laced with Jack Daniel's as well. And there are not too many folks either, never mind that on a normal day there are only about five percent of the cubes and offices on my floor occupied. Today, on Christmas Eve, there are maybe five people and I hear a lot of laughter over in their direction. Perhaps they have some eggnog!

So Merry Christmas to all, And to All a Much Better Year than the last one! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannuka, Ramadan, Kwanza or a Holiday based on no particular faith whatever, have a very Happy One. There are hundreds of belief systems I know nothing about, but I know that most of the cultures of our blue and green little planet celebrate the changing of the seasons, and all of those aforementioned religious events fall on or near the Winter Solstice. Funny thing about that. Our Druid (and other forms of "pagan") forbears celebrated all of the solstices and the in-betweens as well and most of our modern holidays line up somewhat with those old traditions. Have a great year!

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