Sunday, November 18, 2001

Team, having read some more, I'm now in a more knowledgable position from which to foist my ill-conceived opinions on you all. Sadly, knowledge is not wisdom, so be gentle with me, my darlings.

Just read the whole One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest scene in full. Weee-Laaaa! That's really nasty stuff Chris.

So, - understanding that the wheel of progress grinds slowly, and that the route is continually up-hill so we all have to put our shouolders to the wheel and PUSH! - understanding this, what role is there for the outliers of Gonzo Marketing? The pioneers of the peoples popular putsch?

How would those who would push the boundaries of the possible, and so make room for some more pragmatic backfilling, best expend their energies?

Any advice for a wannabe freedom fighter in the War on All That Is Not Gonzo(TM)?*

Like, does anyone here feel like starting a small-b business that just doesn't have a marketing department?

In fact, seeing as the Internet is the major factor in both Chris' recognition of Gonzos application to Marketing, and our discussion of it, does anyone have the insane chutzpa to invest in a virtual business with us as the founders?

"....searching for that ruby in a mountain of rocks . . . ." - Meat Loaf

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