Tuesday, November 20, 2001

S'funny that you've raised the idea of a Gonzo company as it coincides quite neatly with the thoughts I've knocking around for the past few days.

Gonzo won't work in traditionally organised companies. Why? Because there is more than one voice involved in the production of the message. Gonzo works becuase it is one distinctive voice. Big Companies operate by splitting up tasks into tiny pieces and then reassembling them after going through various "filters" ( most of whom know what they want, but don't know what they are talking about). The voice is lost, confused - unreal. You can't pretend Gozo. You either are or you aren't.

This leads to the conclusion that Gonzo must own the means of production. Chris Locke is a great product because nobody but Chris Locke is allowed to be Chris Locke. Any attempts to be Gonzo by Big Companies is doomed to failure.

Multi-skilled, eclectic individualists should therefore be the ones best placed to harness Gonzo Marketing.

The reason why this all came about is that I am writing a website for a large Nordic company. They want me to reflect their values; the values they use to market themselves. The problem is I can't "be" them, they are hardly theirselves. So the best I can do is strike a neutral, best fit tone. But it don't inspire me.

Mind you I could of course be writing bollocks. We'll find out tomorrow what the ad agency has to say.

I have started a blog by the way, but I have been too busy to do anything with it. It's here, though.

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