Saturday, February 22, 2003

Some bird droppings from MarekJ

Some of you may wonder why this idiot from Poland does not want to blog any more. Well, I am in the process of being investigaged by the FBI. I have shown up at the INS office on Thursday from 12:30 until 3:30 to wait in line holding number 89 to see an outsourced technitian to be fingerprinted for my N400 application for Naturalization. I am presently Un-Natural resident of United States Of Amerika. I have now committed myself to become a citizen so I can vote and enjoy unrestricted access to Latin American countries. Being a Citizen of Poland does not buy you much these days you know. To go anywere you have to apply for Visa and go through bunch of hooplas. Being indoctrinated into the culture of convenience (and that includes convenient Patriotism, meaning - I wave my flag proudly when the shit hits the fan and shout that it's high time to kick somebody's ass to ensure the future inexpesinve access to satellite TV signals and gas in my SUV.) I believe the status of Citizen of Unites States of Amerika will help me increase the access to convenience on many levels (let me now say too much about that now) Having been asked if I want to choose a new name as a citizen I replied joyfully: Elvis Presley. We'll see, we'll see...

And now to my opinions. Blogger purchased by Google. I have no opinion. - I do have one opinion about Ev. I don't like Ev. - My not liking him was born as a suprise to me when he became a martyr in the name of the thousands of people using his software (I fucking hate martyrs). The Martyrdom happened at the time when he said Pyra ran out of money and Ev fired everybody in the company and went solo, Ev the Martyr. In the darkest our of Blogger he alone became Lord Not Jim, saving the ship by himself without any help from anyone. He didn't jump. He pushed everybody else out. - He alone lived in a one room apartment, down in the basement. Lived on raddishes and rotten potatos. As I said, my not liking him is not some kind of strong opinion. I am sure he is a nice guy. That's why it's a surprise to me that I don't like him. I thin he did Jack wrong. So there. No more opinions on that any more. And now I reutrn to my drinking. I hope FBI will not read this post and I will get my citizenship in the next 540 days, as stated on the paperwork I received form the INS last week. So long. I will keep in touch.

In the meantime please straighten me up and tell me what a great guy Ev is. I just might start believing it and then all will be well for me and I won't have to drink any more.
In the end I must say. Pyra has made a great fucking infrastructure for the amplification of diverse voices on this planet. Thank you Ev. Even I don't like you I will beat the shit anyone who dares to say bad shit about you. The freedom of Voice is perhaps the greatest liberty any human being can cherish on this fucked up planet of ours and Blogger has become the best enabler of that liberty. Rock on Fuckers. Let the messiness of Voices drown out the monologues of CNNed news.

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