Thursday, February 20, 2003

Evenin' all

Thanks, Jeneane, for inviting me to play. Can't quite figure out why I've not bugged you about joining before now, but here I am so whatEVah.

This, btw, should be the appropriate, officially-sanctioned means of punctuating any too heated discussion on the topic of the Blogger/Google nuptials.


Whenever (whenEVer) two or more blogchums decide that they've reached that ouroboros moment in the debate, and each has ended up reaching the starting position in the argument originally taken by their opposite number, one of the friendly combatants should throw down his/her 'whatEVah' card. At this point all parties can agree that the most precise and useful answer anyone can arrive at is probably 'whaddafuck', and everyone can sod off down the pub for a well-earned shandy.


First Cove: "Google buying Blogger is a clear signal that the star named Wormwood has indeed fallen from the firmament, the Beast walks the earth, and the end of days is upon us"
Second Cove: "You're so wrong - the sound of Sergey and Ev's high five is a plangent, joyous signal that the rapture is imminent..."
First Cove: "WhatEVah."

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming...

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