Monday, February 17, 2003

Deep shite and tree mites

The thing to consider is, how this story plopped into the middle of some celebrity blogfest in LA and exploded onto the net via some of the most A, if not A prime, bloggers out there who just happened to be in the room. It's as if the event itself were merely a pretext for the bombshell that "happened" to drop in. And, it's as if the event occurred outside the sensory realm of the media, even though, as Tony Pierce noted, they were in the same room.

How much more perfect a vehicle for the unveiling of the advent of what we call blogging as something more than a bunch of itchy dorks jacking off behind the woodshed (that quote's straight from Arnold Schwarzenburger, Apemantean Treeslayer and Holy Spliffroller) could there be?

The linking of Google and Pyra fired a teensy synapse felt around the world: The advent of the blog as where events happen and are reported, and travel through the network nervous system that Bill Gates could never quite imagine but once dreamed he could own.

This is deep shite, as Mr. Locke once put it. Anyone bogged down worrying about Google's business model is not seeing either the forest or the trees, but just the little three-eyed tree mites that are left after Sulzenegger erases entire Canadian forests for the sake of underwear ads.

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