Monday, April 01, 2002

France is in the house

I've added Christophe Ducamp of to the team list. If you see posts in French, you will know that Christophe is talking to us, and to his colleagues in France who would like to follow our conversation as well. Perhaps Christophe or another team member can provide the English translation of his posts so we can keep up too.

Sorry I've been such a slouch lately. I had gotten rather mad at blogging and the whole notion that we might be changing the world here. Because it seems the more we blog, the more fucked up the world becomes. And I don't know if we're keeping it from being even more fucked up, or if the fucked-up-edness is a result of too many charged voices. Or what. I guess I don't know much these days. But I'll be back. I just have to get my head around what's new, which, I feel something is, but I can't quite define it yet.

Marek, we need a nice stream of consiousness world changing post from you about now. Are you back from Poland?

Blog on.

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