Thursday, November 01, 2001


I guess I should at least say hello, as Jeneane seems to be convinced by my silence that I've contracted anthrax. Well, no. But I hear the Kirkus review of Gonzo that just came out was almost that bad. Ah shit. What're ya gonna do?

What I'm doing at the moment is listening to Dire Straits' old album, Making Movies, which I bought specifically for the tune Skateaway. And to hear Knopfler play just about anything. Man.

...the music make her wanna be the story
and the story was whatever was the song what it was
rollergirl don't worry...

Speaking of voice, Marketplace Morning Edition responded to my prodding by putting mine online. Look for the October 25, 2001 RealAudio clip: Tess Vigeland Interviews Chris Locke About SPAM. So that's what I sound like. Tess is great to work with. I wish they'd air us just rapping before and after the actual taping. I turned on the radio this morning driving home, and there she is doing the news. I got back to the terminal and there was email from her about our segment for next week. Very strange.

Had lunch with this guy from the University of Denver B-school who has invited me to give a talk in Vail in early December. Two days in the lap of luxury -- and room service too! Winning through worst practices. You know.

Hey, I got nothin here tonight. Like I said, just sayin hello. Blog on...

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