Tuesday, October 30, 2001


Thanks for the invite. Right, let's get into it...

You mentioned how you have been using gonzo-like influences as a mirror to hold up against key messages. To my mind key messages are the worst offenders against human voices. I despair of the tripe written by 26-year-old McKinsey consultants who are trying to force-feed their messages into unwilling workers, stakeholders... whatever.

It is a generally unrecognised fact that people in a change situation (let's face it, that's most of us now) don't want a Why they want a How and When. Concrete facts not corporate bullshit. I dream of the day when corporations talk to their employees like grown ups. Tell them they've been fired because the products aren't selling rather than talk about "prevailing economic conditions".

it is interesting that some companies are trying to get with it by talking to their customers in an adult tone of voice, but don't extend that same respect to their internal audience.

Bob the Builder - can he fix it?

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