Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Page 161 - On the subject of "subjectivity," engaged journalism, and the like, let me stand up and pledge my allegiance to the blog. A few days ago, I kind of knew what a blog was--been to blogger, read some folks' stuff, went about my novice noodling--but didn't think I'd actually have anything to say myself in one of these things.

In the midst of reading Gonzo (well really, I was still in the Introduction when the revelation hit me), I really wanted to talk about it. But who with? Book's not out yet. Husband's at work. Mom would be scared. Daughter might like the fancy graphics (cough), but she's only four. No need to alert her to what the work world holds in store for her at this tender age.

Blogging is the most natural outlet for voice that I've found. What amazing tapestries of voices they represent. No limit to topics. No IQ requirements. Nothing off limits. Unreal. Here is what I've learned about blogging in a nutshell:

Blog when you're mad. You'll save money on therapy.
Read them at night. They don't make sense during the day.
Play loud music while blogging--it drowns out the voice telling you, "It's not a good idea to say that."
Blogs taste best served cold.

While not exactly profound, it does point well to what you say about journalism, subjectivity, and the like: "We don't need press credientials to have a point of view."

So I blog on. And if anyone is listening (because this voice in my head is so loud, you must hear it), start blogging. It's time to make some news, shake something loose.

Rise up from your hibernation
These are the days of celebration
If you feel you need a boost to your pride
Ring the bell, let 'em know you're alive.
-LEADbelly, Wake Up

-see ya later.

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