Sunday, October 14, 2001


Page 136 - It would be trite here, wouldn't it, to pick up on the cause related marketing thread as it relates to the most obvious use of it this month? Seems that every organization in one way or another is cause relating the 9/11 disasters through any number of funds, blood drives, foundations and the like. The motivation is good--or I think it started out good. But I've read three articles and heard at least two talking-head newsies uncovering some ugly facts about the dough. So, well see where that all ends up, huh? Awe gee, I trust these guys, don't you?

But when I started getting emails about the 9/11 tragedy from the likes of my favorite permission marketing bullies like Lands End, Great Domains, and UPromise, that got my goat. If I'd have known you were going to talk about this stuff in the book, Chris, I wouldn't have deleted them in haste. Ah. I should read faster. Or you should write slower.

Message to above named vendors: I don't care what you think of the 9/11 events. What do you think I thought you felt? What does anyone feel? Did one of your strategy sharp shooters tell you that it was important to state your position on this matter of national importance? Did you think your competitors might be out there sending me emails that said: "We at would like to celebrate the events of 9/11 and recognize those responsible for their tremendous contribution to humanity"? Get a grip. Stop pushing the obvious at me. Tell me what I don't know. Stop talking to hear yourself talk. You're wearing me out.

Okay... enough on this tangent. There are plenty more waiting for me I'm sure. Later....

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