Monday, October 15, 2001

Page 142 - I had never been to the Benetton web site before. I've always thought their sweaters looked comfy, but for some reason never managed to wander into the store. Overwhelmed by colors? Images? Maybe because I'm old enough to have kids old enough to wear Benetton? Who knows. But I have now officially been to their Web site.

If you were wondering whether or not they'd temper their renegade style--as advertising pundits now warn conservative approaches are "in" since the terrorist attacks--you can relax. They haven't. Add to the intriguing images they're known for --"horses coupulating in a field"--their current host of Web images... A belly button with the distinction of having been previously slit in half (probably not in the OR), a troop of volunteer Ugandan Soldiers, and a white-haired guy with his palm sliced open. Hey, I LIKE THESE GUYS!

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