Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Merci Jeneane !

Hi all, hi rageboy.
A lot of work today. Like David, I really need to sleep...
Currently trying to find out new "french commutations", "hook" and "pro-create" french "gonzo spirits".

Yesterday, I found out a quite old french funky magazine (published in 1995 by Ariel Wizman - famous french gonzo guy).

Could we say the co-authors of the manifesto have "stolen" one of his "edito" n° 9 : ...

"C'est, selon la façon dont on le perçoit, l'ambition ou le manque d'ambition de ce journal, qui est fier de ressembler parfois à ce que l'internet a de plus utile et de plus délectable : LA CONVERSATION HUMAINE".... "Peace. Love. Rhino".

Gonzo spirits exist in France. But for most of them, it's a bit tough to be heard on french TV ;-)
Sorry for my very poor english. I have first to find out french copywriters.
Thankxxx. xtof.
New french partyblog running on http://www.elanceur.net. You are all welcome in the "international commutations block".

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