Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Page 170 - Oh Look! You're talking about blogs. I should have held that last thought in my head nine more pages. "One of the latest and most interesting additions to the suite of micromedia tools are weblogs--simply 'blogs' to the faithful," you say. Another interesting thing is that I read "additions" as "addictions." Hmmmm. At any rate, everything you say about blogging is so right on cool. Especially about the people writing them. (He says nice stuff--like, we're really smart).

In fact, I'm so excited to see you've written about blogs that I almost forgot about the incredible eye strain and sharp pain in my temple I've developed since I started blogging. Can barely see now, so I'd better get back to the book.

(half hour passes). I'm back. I got lost on Sweet Fancy Moses. I really did need that. And now, since I've done the pleasure of linking, let me share just a few lines from the inspired poem on the site, "Do Not Be My Groupie."

Do not be
my groupie
I am not so great
not necessarily deserving
of your warmth,
your soft blue eyes
your large, cantaloupe breasts
shaped like cantaloupe,
that famous melon,
which is often served with whipped cream.

At least at my house.

There's more--go see for yourself. Suffice it to say, this poem took me on an amazing journey inside the mind of a drummer--that half of the rhythm section known for its love of literature, fine wines, and things that go boom. (Get a load of the twist at the end of this poem, man. Whoa. I need to go lay down.)

The great thing about blogging is, as you remind us, there's no money in it...


That is to say, that there will be one day. That would be the good news. In Gonzo, there is hope for lucrative blogging. Wow. As you point out, micromarkets don't exist yet, but micromedia (like blogs) do. If I get it (and I hope I got it), blogs have the potential to be this networked web within a network. It's about open spaces, new territories. Who settles the territories? What's the culture? What's the weather like? What crops do you grow? Who will emerge as leaders?

So blogs are these kind of influencial settlements within a larger continent that is the Net. Weaving communities together, ground up. I like it--count me in.

But one last thing--when businesses finally do decide to come to interact with us, could you ask them to leave the small pox at home? That'd be great.

(Now, I must go rest up, because, with all the anticipation of a bottoms-up bottle of Ketchup, I await my read of--dum-dum-dum-dum.....--The Gonzo Model !)


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