Monday, December 22, 2003

Women's house work - How it should be rewarded?

"Day by day, no matter we work either out of home or not, we work in house. Not for money.

Our husbands or partners, our children are given that way free of any costs a lot - not only our love and care. They are given also very concrete "goods and services" in the economical terms. All that, what has been delivered from the shop, washed, cooked, cleaned, tidy-managed, planned, working as in efficient enterprise.

That's the rule: When people get something for free, they tend not to treat that seriously. They do not make any value of that. They do not treat this seriously up to the end. They disrespect. Our domestic co-habitants have their ultimate assurance that always, no matter what happen, we will lead our house works, everything what is necessary to do in the house. Sometimes maybe we cry or shout a little.

If we by ourselves start to think and talk about our house job as something what is valuable, after some good time also our families start to think about this that way."

more at "Done-Paid" or Women's Housework campaign

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