Monday, December 22, 2003

Women Finding Their Voices

We decided to do something about it. DONE - PAID, we call it. We run a campaign called "WOMEN'S HOUSEWORK - HOW TO REWARD IT?" When we write to politicians we use the same wise words that are used on international conferences. We say that productive and reproductive work must be treated equally. That women working at home should have a right to a pension, somebody should pay a pension contribution for them, think about fixed salary. Think about different taxing for women working both at home and outside it, maybe give them more tax-free income. Everything - considering macroeconomic effects of these actions.

It's hard to talk about it publicly. Our civilisation is based on the myth about Eve being created from Adam's rib. So a woman is a part of a man, is second, is worse. Erich Fromm, who was investigating the prechristian myth about the fall of Mother of Everything - Goddess Tiamat said: "Six thousand years ago patriarchy conquered a woman - society was based on a male domination. Women became man's property and they had to be grateful for every concession made by him" .Our "gratitude" often leads us towards feminism. But still, forced to choose between the left and the right, we can't find our own voice

The right wants to close us at homes, make us always-caring housewives, kissed on a hand and given a faded flower on Mother's Day. The left shouts that we must be active, we must learn and work, work, work - if we want to be free. And we between the two sides - confused, shouted down, uncertain. All we really want is the right to choose. To choose the way we want to live. Do we want to be at home and take care of our family? Do we want a career? Or do we want to connect these two things in a way suitable for each one of us? Politicians should just make sure that economic system doesn't choose instead of us."

by Anna Mieszczanek in Polish magazine for women "Zwierciad³o" ("Mirror"))

Thanks for writing Anna. My sincerest BadaBing to you.

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