Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Marek J gets a new job in Weblog Marketing

Well, I guess I should not keep quiet any more. I have been hired by the Doctor Pepper to assist the guys at ragingcow in marketing their new drink. What can I say, I got a good offer. We were negotiating for the last 3 weeks and I started yesterday. After the first day I am very excited about introducing them to Gonzo Marketing and using Weblogs to create viral marketing campaing for products in the pipeline. When it came to detailed negotiantions I was warned not to use obscene words so I guess I will not be writing on this weblog any more. What was interesting is that they didn't mind my scatological language in my previous posts but in this new capacitiy as the Assistant Director of Mareketing it would not be advisable to continue with those unpleasant ramblings. This job is a dream come true and I would not want to jeopardize my career with them. All the best to you all. I will keep in touch. I wanted to write a longer post but this is what came out and I got to go to my next meeting.

Yours Marek J
The Last BadaBing to you all.
Ha Ha.

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