Friday, January 10, 2003

Delayed Xmas Story

And it is again we are learning of a child being born onto us. Sawyer James is his name and Xmas is about him. There was another child born at this time too. His name was Jesus. They say he was a Son of God. Saywer is a son of Tom and Wendy. I grew up learning about Jesus. His mother was a virgin. She was visited by God who spoke Jesus into existence through the lips of an Angel. They say Mary, mother of Jesus, has not been with a man. She hasn't fucked Joseph. She hasn't kissed and tasted the passion from man's lips. It is a strange thing that Jesus was born in a place where animals live. It seems the story was written by a lunatic. Maybe he was.

What a strange story. They also say that few days later Kings from strange lands had visited him. Why Kings? Who cares that Kings visited him? This is all very strange.
There is nothing strange about Sawyer. We knew Tom and Wendy had passionate sex. We knew Sawyer was coming. He didn't have any freaking Kings visit him so far, has he?. (well, if he did I would be very worried). We all rejoice in his coming into this shadow world. We know this is now going to take a lot of work in rasing this child. I can dress up like a King and follow the Star but I wouldn't want 30 years from now have some Judas collect silver for betraying him. Ever since they nailed Jesus to The Cross the humanity has been in decline. So here we are in 2003 where being human is highly overrated.

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