Friday, January 10, 2003

Bada Bing translated into 100 languages in 24 hours.

With the help of hundreds of Bloggers worldwide (Yo, what's up Kisha in Kinshasa and Robo in Kosovo) we have been able to complete the impossible task of translating the famous phrase Bada Bing into 100 languages in 24 hours. Here we go.

English: Bada Bing
Polish: Bada Bing (Ba in Bada pronounced as Ba, as in Bada)
Kroatian: Bada Bing (alternative translation is Bada Bing)
Slolvenian: Baada Bjng
Czech: Bada Bjng (similar to Slovenian but the 'j' is longer)
Vietnamese: Baaaaddddaaaa Biiiinnngg (high pitched voice. Screaming)
Chinese: Bada Bing (tonal Ba and Bi. da and ng flat.)
Swahili: Bada Bing (the 'i' is tonal)
Hausa: Bada Bing
Yoruba: Bad Bing
German: Das Ist ein Bada Bing wahr schnitzel (it helps to say it while drinking beer)
Latin: Badass Bingus (we had to make this one up a little since Latins is a dead language and no Vatican Cardinals are blogging yet)
French: Le Terril de Bada
Swedish: Bad a Bin g (thanks to Josef from Stockholm)
Spanish: Una Bada Binga
Portugese: Bing De Bada (not sure if it's correct)
Hungarian: Badaz Za Bingaz
Romanian: Ba dada Bing (thanks to Tristan Tzara for help with translation)
Danish: Bada Bing
Russian: Bada Bjnn (g at the end of Bjnn is silent. 'a' in Bada is soft and wet like pussy)
Italian: Bingi Di Bada
Korean: Bada nuka Bing Bomb

RB made me do it.
OK, so it's only about 20ish. Translate the rest yourself.
Bada Bing to you all.

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