Saturday, February 09, 2002

Whiny Lefty Fesses Up...

I'm amused to join here the Republocrat debate, while unsung over at the Wealth Bondage blog, the problem of voice has been resolved onct an' fer-all.

The problem with the last decade's crop of left-liberals is that none of them have been worth a damn. The media tools have been co-opted entirely by the right. The right denies this and propagates the big lie that anything going wrong is because of the liberals and their hand-maidens in the press. Meanwhile, the left fears the L word enough to betray its constituency and seek a middle ground that Hoover would have found comfortable. And public education goes to hell because the right convinces people not to pay taxes for public works. And public libraries close their doors for the same reason. And the largest new public investment on the state and local level is in correctional institutions... which is a liberal word for penitentiaries, only the liberals really weren't seeking to correct as many as two out of every hundred people.

Anyway, I'm a whiny lefty and proud of it. The whine is just a dopplering out of the scream of rage that I leave behind here and carry forward to the struggle with the Rummy/Rice/Wolfowitz axis of evil. Follow me! Let's put an end to the evil doers once and for all!

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