Thursday, February 07, 2002

Abdication of Principle vs.Television
OK, I'll give Denver his point that abdication of political principle may be more of a culprit than TV in the disappearence of public dialogue about class inequities. However, he's left out half the equation. I would add that the liberals are equally guilty partners in this abdication. This may be difficult for Denver to acknowledge because it appears to me (apologies if I'm wrong) that he may well think that liberalism-run-rampant is what's wrong with the country today. Similarly, it's hard for me to accept the notion that conservatives have "abdicated" when, from my perspective at least, they've driven the candy-ass liberals practically into hiding over the last twenty years.

Conservatives--phony or real--from the President on down, proudly proclaim their conservatism. But I doubt if there are any more than 4 or 5 congressional districts in the entire nation where a candidate for public office dare whisper the fact that s/he just might be a liberal. It's now commonly referred to as the "L" word--the word you try to stick to your opponent--whether or not it happens to be true

So, I say that these gutless liberals, whimpering in the corners of our political life with their tails between their legs, are just as culpable as Denver's abdicating conservatives for any lack of meaningful political debate in this country.

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