Monday, February 18, 2002

Googling & a couple of fishy links

Bloggers archives have been erratic recently, so the Google spider may have missed the archive pages once they fell off the bottom of the main blog. (My original Googlewhack double prize hit on my blog has vanished for the same reason).

This article claims surfers are snubbing search engines in favour of direct links. My suspicion is that as they only mention relative and not absolute figures is that they are hiding the fall off in interest in corporate sites by phrasing it that way.

Also, I bet as Google takes over from other feebler engines, it is taking searchers to blogs first, instead of straight to the 130,000 corporate sites they monitor.

Also, a very clueless article that defends pop-up ads as less annoying than other kinds of intrusive shouty ads. So thats OK then.

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