Friday, February 22, 2002

All Rights Reversed

Jordon. Have you, by chance, sashayed to the domicile of my neighbours in Vietnam? Literacy in Mr Ploopy's All-Tux Transparent Graphics Freeware For Freaking Linux is not going to afford the speed of even a penguin to a job seeker in this 'developing' country. (Incidentally, this term is abhorrent and utterly informed by the notion that there is a desirable goal to which one ought develop.) Perhaps the individual user has a legitimate (although not 'legal') motivation for purchasing a bargain basement adobe.
While I commend your efforts to outrun the strictures of proprietary software; I urge you to consider that perhaps the choice users in 'developed' (?) economies have between Standard Operating Environments, applications and, indeed, flavours of that delectable potable 7 Up is a privilege.

Although you appear to hold an essentialist view re copyright law, perhaps a sojourn to this venerable textual antique may deliver distinction between 'legal' and 'legitimate'.

My humblest for fouling the binary air with rancour. I remain aghast, however, that your statement "I read somewhere that outside of North America and Europe, only 1 in 4 copies of software are legal. Does that make us subsidizers of overseas competition" has not been challenged in this locus. I read somewhere that infant mortality, starvation, cerebral malaria, dyssentry and/or First World backed boot rule effects 1 in 4 inhabitants of 'developing' nations. Does that make us subsidisers of glabal misery?

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