Thursday, January 24, 2002

These sources are enough to convince me that, just as this list is not designed to be the hotbed of a counter revolution reclaiming our right to choose the way businesses speak to us, the book itself will do little to change the way business does business.

My understanding of CTM and Gonzo thus far (I'm about halfway thru the latter book now) is that it's not merely about business changing the way it markets. It's about the power and influence of marketing changing hands from those businesses to (I hate this word but I will use it here anyway) consumers, thanks to the rise of networks both technological and social.

When it comes to business, the point (as near as I can tell) is that they either participate in this shift, accept it and become a real part of it -- rather than try to manufacture markets thru manipulation and sheer fiction -- or they are going to have signficant troubles.

I'm still divided on to what degree I believe all of this. But this is my read of the proposition.

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