Saturday, January 26, 2002

I thought you'd like to read an inspired email I received from Marek of soapbox, radio possibility, and monkey-is-not-enough fame on his recent bookstore read of Seth Godin's latest marketing BS dump... I got Marek's pahmishon to reprint the email here. I promised no one would sue him. It shows how passionate some people can be about their likes and dislikes (maybe even bordering on murderous rage from time to time) especially here in the world of blogs, where it counts. I think Marek meant "bald" yoyo instead of "bold" yoyo, but you'll have to stop by soapbox and ask him.

Subject: This fucker Godin is pissing me off.
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 00:08:09 -0600
From: "Marek J"


Jez, sorry but I just wanted to fire off a message to someone. I need help, cause my mental abilities have been insulted by a fucking bold yoyo man who wants me to have sex with my boss. If you feel spammed by me with this message I apologize. Just delete it or just tell me to stop bothering you and never send stupid emails again.

OK, here we go.

This fucker Seth Godin is really pissing me off. Yeah, I've had some fun with soapbox* and this Agent of worst practices shit but it was mainly 'good sport' shit, few laughs, some parody and stuff...

I just read the book 'survival is not enough' (whatever the fuck that means). Mind you, I did not spend any money on this shit at all. I was at a local Barnes&Noble and I picked it put and started reading. And reading I was, like a fucking retarded farmer from Poland, cause that fucking book is written like a fucking carefully constructed scheme of some fucking enlightenment and shoved up my 5th grade educated polish peasant's ass. Mind you the enlightenment can be had only after a secret handshake has been exchanged with the guy who does the shoving up....

First off (on page 6 I think) Godin rips off Rageboy's 'Entropy' reversals metaphor. As a 'good sport', Godin could've mentioned Chris, but NOooooooooo, the motherfucker steels ideas right and left and repackages them with new phrases. So you can imagine that from page 6 to the end my fucking 'filter' was set. It's a fucking WAR with the yoyo bold motherfucker. Speaking of 'filter' shit metaphor, Godin is so slimy in its usage as if HE invented the fucking paradigm of 'holographic context that shapes, bends and colors everything created by holding on to a point of one's view of the world', whatever.... , my mind comes up with strange phrases when I am pissed, forgive me.

OK, slow down..... deep breath. man. Pace yourself....

Fuck, why do I swear so much? Cause I'm fucking pissed as shit. I considered Seth a 'Good Sport' you know but noooooooo, the fucker had to write this fucking retarded book for fucking retarded middle-fucking managers who want to zooooommm the fuck into the future on the backs of the fucking peasants......He really created a problem for me cause now I'm gonna work for these managerial Zoom-Monkeys and surly they will want me to zoom with them...

What's the most insulting about this book is that it's written for a specific audience with a specific purpose - The middle managers who need a new meme to celebrate their imbecility by calling it Zoometry.....

Looking back I am glad I got kicked out of FastCompany's message boards for saying some shit like the above on some other enlightened topic some other fucker was shoving up....

I don't think this review would be allowed to be posted at, you think?

OK, I got to go now and get a beer and some cigarettes now and regroup.

I thank you for your generous attention.

Marek J

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