Wednesday, January 16, 2002

So I went to the Kraft Foods site thinking to find some insights re. CPG and the web. Instead I found a rather attractive user focused site that offers a meal planner, an onsight recipe box, recipes by email and a bold link to contests and promotions. I wonder how many members they have and I wonder how badly you'd get spammed (and by whom and for how long) if you registered for membership. I don't wonder enough to register! If you don't get spammed I'll bet Kraft at least slips you an Oscar Mayer weiner. These people are probably soaking up a larger and larger number of upper middle moms with kids in school and a PC with browser in the kitchen telephone nook. (One upstairs in the office and one off the great room in the den too probably, but the one in the kitchen phone nook is the cutest because of the quilted cotton dust cover with the prairie print that matches the toaster cover.

Is there a point Frank? Well, no, not really... I was just looking for sites that I thought might have a Martha Stewart evocative cornflower blue patterned background, and GUESS WHAT? Kraft Foods has one! Is that a good thing?

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