Thursday, February 21, 2002

something I predicted way back when, like maybe a month ago

My own words right back at me from the elanceur blog, via the now deceased Fishrush (link omitted out of respect for the dead):

"Smart companies will get wind that employees are blogging during work hours and imagine the possibilities. A major motion picture will feature a character who blogs. The character will be a psychopathic alcoholic intellectual head case. The part will be offered to Jack Nicholson, who will turn it down because bloggers don't get cute chicks. Some company, somewhere, will take Gonzo Marketing to heart and underwrite some blog, somewhere, somehow. Please. Community blogs--or "party blogs" like Gonzo Engaged--will grow in residents and in numbers, morphing into their own form of blogging. These forms will separate from one-man blogs, which will lean more toward journal and journalism than community." - Posted by christophe ducamp on 12/22/01; 9:48:24 from the @elanceur dept.

Huh. whatda ya know. I still really believe the last one anyhow. Aren't we doing just this? Isn't that why most of us have this blog and our own?

What will come next?

See Tom's thoughts--I really dig them. Wouldn't it be great to be able to dump your acrhives to MSWord? Or an e-Book? imagine!

ah well.

for another night I guess.

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