Thursday, February 21, 2002

i'd sign

Hey Tom, I'd sign up in a second. I totally agree. Give us more options on the output side of things--the same easy way you've given us pushbutton publishing. It would add a whole new dimension. Just think, if Locke had been blogging EGR over the years, it would have been quite a task to unearth just the right archives for Bombast. As more and more useful content--repurposeful content--comes out of blogs, the likes of Blogger and Moveable Type and others could really differentiate themselves by giving us new ways to free our thoughts from the confines of the Web (and did you ever think we'd be talking like that? Irony is an absolute.)

Just out of my ever-pressing fear that the folks at Blogger may suddenly decide it's not worth it to do what they do, I go into my archives every so often, copy the text out of every entry, and paste it into word. And that really sucks, because, first of all I do it blog-chronology style (i.e. backwards from the hard copy world), but I figure at least I'll have a copy of everything if something were to happen to the archives.

I'd love to press "export to MSWord?" or "export to PDF?" or something.... and voila!

And as you said, searching within the posts would be cool, because we could search up every instance of, say, "broadcast" on this site and how easy would it be to write an article on the death of mass marketing with the assistance off of the search results from gonzo enagaged, quotes just ripe for the picking from all those amazing brains assembled here.

And stuff like that...

And other stuff we haven't thought of...

I've worked 80 hours since Monday. Billed 70 hours the week before. I need to go lie down now. Someone remind me to add a couple folks to this lovely blog when I come to tomorrow--they've emailed me and I don't have the strength to do it tonight...

sleep well,

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