Saturday, January 26, 2002

Gonzo Marketing is not about marketing at all. It´s an anti marketing standpoint. It advocates to the markets. Since the markets are conversation, hyperlinks subvert hierarchy and the people is getting smarter because the mouth to mouth accelerator. But if you analyse by the corporation point of view... money is money and profits is the god to reach.
The Web is the real world. We are building it mirrowing at our own existence. And nobody can deny that the commom people is becoming more powerfull. The relation between corporations and people is mutating (at least). The digital markets have destroyed the old concepts and are constructing itself in another way. Lists, blogs, sites are translating the common word to the commom people. And everybody in the Net enjoys the micromarkets approach. Internet is the new media that live altogether with the old one. Internet is a new layer. A very more sophisticated way to communicate and interact. This new system is not based on the mass concept. The micromarkets and communities creates the new audience. It´s where the voice is and where the new media is. Locke on The Gonzo Model suggests “... corporate underwriting is a way – perhaps the only viable way at present – for companies to put their own money where the mouth is”. That´s it!

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