Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Project Dell'Essum (aka iBook'Essum) after some more hours (days even)

We have the following numers:
...Puny 43 point 23 comma 72 graziallion dollars which translates into $560 American Dollars (For those of you in Poland that's a little over 2200.00 Zlotych).
I am officially, on the record, saying here: The above numbers are pathetic. This is a huge, complete waste of time, and an utter failure at project management and one's ability to market one's strenghts to the contributing public.

I am here attempting to achieve perfection with the NoFuckingWayTM project manament methodology and as you can see I am failing miserably at producing obvious'n measurable results as projected by the goal-orientated objectivated-reality of hope and faith in the ability of an average Joe (and Joan) to be empowered powerfully with all the instant power of do-good doo doo making activity of clicking a DONATE button, so prominently displayed HERE BELOW.

So click the button and we'll send you and a companion of your choice on a trip. Imagine a trip for two to a wonderful 7 days and 3 nights vacation at the highly coveted Jesus Bunker (Sorry No Dogs allowed cause they poop and eat the lovely Chocolate Jesus figurines) Of course more about this wonderful trip will be revealed to you, and only to you, in a secret conversation on the phone from the undisclosed location after you click the DONATE button. (AS Presented above)

P.S. Some have mentioned recently that in times like these (let me enumerate: Bombs falling, Stocks falling, Employment falling, Paychecks falling etc...) that I don't pay attention to how bad things are and that I don't write inspirational posts like I used to. So for those of you please stay tuned, as soon as you DONATE to this project I will write something so fucking inspirational you will be moved to tears and your heart will break and you will sob like a child and you will be inspired and renewed. OK? Deal then. Now Click the DONATE button.

I am off pefecting my project manament skills. Maybe I will ask the Happy Tutor on how to raise money. See you in the J Bunker.

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