Tuesday, March 04, 2003

oooh marek, t'is hard!

Marek, I'm reading your translations below--yours and the one not yours--and I need more time before my test. This is hard. I need to print out and study. I don't know if this white text prints. I hope so. I have never ever printed a blog before. You have made this a first for me. I may never print it, but please understand I am printing it now in my head.

If your point is that google will never be able to bridge the language of human language for us, I know. You are right. The subtleties, the beauty, you can only know when you are wrapped in your Polish cloak or your English cloak. But how will I read others, your friends from Poland, your enemies, one day? Maybe they all go through you. Maybe You become the trusted source, the bridge, you and those like you, those we can trust with our words.

now, back to figuring out how to print a blog.

damn you.

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