Sunday, February 09, 2003

Copernicus Badabingus

In 'The Game of Life' the player moves from one field to the next on the board depicting a linear progression from a starting point called Birth to a finish line called Death. It has been recently discovered that the game has been played incorrectly. While the player having finished a move from one field to the next in a progression to a finish line is waiting for the next opportunity to move it has been believed that the board remains still allowing the player to ponder his next move. In fact it has been discovered that the board itself moves in a non-linear way while the player accustomed to progresssing linearily, sometimes remains still for long periods of time while finding himself hither and thither. In those moments the Player is taken by the illusion of moving yet can't explain why the moves are non-linear. The recent discovery has shaken the foundations of The Western Thought. It is believed the 'discovery' is in fact an act of sabotage to undermine the Western Thought by The Other Way of Thinking. There are rumours that Agents of The Other Way of Thinking are using a special phrase to recognize each other in the midst of noise of The Western Thought. The phrase is purported to be "Bada Bing" and the non-linearity jumps of the board itself in 'The Game of Life' are referred to as "Bada Bing Moments".

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