Thursday, January 02, 2003

Time to Renew my Poetic License

Long dead is Edmund Bentley.
He never seemed that friendly.
One prize that he will never win
Is seeing his name in print again.
- Clerihew T. Clown

There once was a fellow named Marks,
Blogging wireless out in the parks.
He'd sip from his thermos
And blog something earnest
While regretting that he'd left the little tupperware container of melon chunks in the front seat of his car back in the parking lot near his office, then thinking that the chunks of melon reminded him of little 53 byte ATM cells, whereas the whole melon from which they were cut could be thought of as a 1500 byte IP packet, and finally pondering whether it would be easier to jam a whole melon down a land line, or alternatively to atomize the sucker and broadcast it wireless - ignoring privacy and security issues of course -
Chumming bits for the virtual sharks.

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