Monday, January 27, 2003

teeny tiny fonts

okay, who made the font so tiny around here--the title and left nav bar font is outta control small. see what happens, you make everyone an administrator and the place rolls into chaos. YEAH BABE!


No I am George Walker Bush and my rectum hurts because I had to wear chaps at the ranch last week when I mounted that old mare--don't worry, my wife Barbara, oh dang I mean Laura, didn't mind. Ya'll need to put an undo button in this blogger thing because when I clicked on the text I wrote it plum disappeared.

About that oil. Yes I like oil. My wife Barbara, I mean larua, makes some nice garden salad with oil and vinegar and so I'm not afraid to kill for oil.



i have absolutely nothing to contribute this evening.

but i wish someone would fix the font back up nice and tidy.


ya'll take care, yahear?

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