Friday, January 24, 2003

Lovely weekend to all

And here again I am without the net connectinon. DirecTVdsl is going out of business and I am cut off. Been like that for a week. (who fell on their head as a child and came up with direcTVdsl name for a Satellite TV DSL service over phone lines? it's as if someone came up with a name-brand 'Microsoft Wheels Pedaling Vehicle' instead of a common Bicycle. One would then have to start looking for the presence of the operating system before placing one's boots on the pedals, well, never mind...not funny at all)

Can't use Net at work (well, I could but I have been reprimended several times already and since noone hires trouble-makers these days.. (well, never mind...)) - OK, where were we? Aha, the DSL troubles which are not trobules at all considering the troubles Fast Company has with modality. So we say Hello to Melinda Davis who knows how to achieve with modality and self referrential narrative what thousands have tried to achieve with real substance and soul searching. Thanks Tom for the link

Update 30 minutes late: (Ahem, yes I was being a smart ass mentioning Melinda Davis. it's quite hard to contextualize one's immediate sarcastic reactions to such a vulgar display of marketing obviousness. One would have to have the ability to generate blinding flashes of obvious brilliance at the snap of the finger (or one's elastic band in italian underwear (the snap of elastic of course and not italian finger... gosh... when will you finally learn to think beneath the noise of words?... Never mind...)

And now for something completely the same:
This weekend I will be hard at work applying Imaginative Pastures License Tehchnology to all the posts, articles and snippets of brilliant thoughts I have produced in the last 3 years. It will be a weekend filled with fingerlicking goodness. Yum Yum. Good day.

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