Thursday, January 16, 2003

Ashcroft's Red Crayons migthier than the pen of Eldred

Supreme Court has ruled. Where do we go from here? Who are we now? hmm.... maybe we can quote some Aziz Nesin
... so I assumed the name of "Nesin" (What-are-you?). I wanted to think of what I was and pull myself together whenever anyone called "What-are-you?". In 1937 I became an officer, you know, a Napoleon. Well really, I was merely one of the Napoleons. Every new officer thinks himself Napoleon. Some of them never recover from this sickness; it lasts a whole lifetime. Others are cured after awhile. ''Napoleonitis'' is a dangerous and contagious disease. The symptoms are these: The victims think only of Napoleon's victories, never of his defeats; they are prone to tuck a right hand between jacket buttons; they stand before a map of the world, drawing arrows with a red crayon and, after subjugating and occupying the entire world in five minutes, regret that the world is so small. ... As a fresh young officer, twenty-two or twenty-three, I conquered the world a few times on the map with a red crayon"
~ from Aziz Nasim

And so the Public Domain has a lot of red crayon smears all over it. I guess all we ever asked for is to - "please put your red crayons away for a while". (Maybe, please don't smear all over the place). Alas the Red Crayon marks remain for many years.

Thanks Kevin to a pointer of Donna's Excellent Copyfight notes

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