Thursday, December 13, 2001

Denver, et al.... I'd be happy making money in any fashion, via any media, anyway, anyhow! Actually I spoke too quickly there. To slightly revise that statement I would say that I have found that there are people in the world who live to make money. They don't care how they do it, and if the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune knock them out of one arena, they just climb up onto another one and make some more money. They are good at making money and that is their primary goal. My primary goal is to think, converse, be creative, make things, write and interact with my fellow travellers without constantly wondering if I am shortly to join the familiar American sub-culture of shopping cart pushers who scratch out their meager existence picking aluminum cans out of public trash barrels.

And I do understand about "getting one's A into G"... I have so many things that want doing... two web sites that I already have the domain names for but haven't found the time to actually create and mount on a server. But sometimes by the time I get home the day has been so long that I find myself adrift in a haze of inactivity, all the while reviewing my "todo" list in my tired brain!

I did check out the blackmarket site you mentioned... nice idea... I'm glad to see that it's working out. Seeing the success of others can leave one feeling either jealous or encouraged. Thankfully I'm of the latter inclination. When I see a good idea being well executed it encourages me to think along more positive lines.

So I guess I'd better overcome the ennui and get those web sites up so you can review them!

Oh, yeah, to reflect on another of your comments about the Net being no more the world than TV... I agree in the sense that it matches the concept that "the map is never the territory". In other words an abstract is always just that, some bits and pieces that in one's mind respresents something real. But I think that possibly the Net is a lot closer to the real world because it is interactive. You can talk back to it and it will respond, often with as much variety and un-expectablity that the real world has. Because anybody of any ilk can respond to what you put out there you can find every kind of response, hopefully more from kindred souls than assholes, but like the real world, there's no asshole filter, so you say what you say and you get what you get.

Go Voice!!!


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