Monday, February 11, 2002

Only 2%? Wimps!

I keep hearing it's the top 5% that we should all fear/tax/whatever. Certainly Robespierre, Stalin and Pol Pot managed to get rid of more than 2%.

Public education's decline has corresponded strongly with it's maximum funding, and indulgence of fatuous theories of learning, particularly of reading. Public libraries' decline corresponds with their abandonment of literature in favour of 'community service' - the false and patronising idea that a community can only comprehend books that represent their current situation, and not the greatest that has been written.

Tom, I did not mean to give offence; the whiny lefties bit was meant in jest; Perhaps I should have said whiny would-be authoritarians. The bit about marketeers being like the apparatchiki in their contempt for the masses they supposedly serve was what struck me. I well remember from college the most ardent marxisant student union activists heading off to work in FMCG marketing for P&G.

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