Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Yes, I am a member but not as Progressive as others.

This morning at 7am I read a post at Wealthbondage about Hasek and Svejk. Then I walked to my library and picked "Good Solider Svejk" book. There I sat in the glow of the computer monitor, the kitchen light; drinking coffee, reading the absburdities and bathing my mind in fresh laugher of Wednesday morning's madness. And there 7am I was Svejk. Maybe I am Svejk pretending to be Marek J. Feels like it sometimes.

Anyway. Random link on Hasek:
Members, Past Members and Future Members and Not-Ever Members of The Party of 'Sligth and Mild and Not Too Much" Progress Within the Limits of the Law (Always within the Limits) have gathered together Marking the 120th anniversary of the most famous Chech writer Jaroslav Hasek's birth.

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