Saturday, December 04, 2004

Navel Gazing
The danger is in becoming infatuated with ones navel. Too much gazing degenerates into sitting on a red sofa masturbating in public.

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Why Do We Blog?

It's not all about Gonzo. Sometimes a little navel gazing is good for the spirit. It can, I think, keep our Gonzo engaged.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Bedtime for Gonzo?
I'm just wondering, of myself as much as of anyone, where has the Gonzo gone?

Marek my long lost friend, consider this an encrypted echo back from the metaverse. Decode it, and untold peace and harmony will be bestowed upon some complete stranger.

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Why do You Blog?

I don't know. Really I don't know. It's like I am sending these encrypted messages out there into the universe. The universe resonds sometimes. Sometimes not. I am sending signals. Hello, I say. Hello! and I just want to someone to hear my Hello! I don't even need a response back, I don't need the universe to talk back to me. I just want to know that it listens. It's like love I guess. It's love when someone just listens.

Paynter, you bastard!