Friday, February 14, 2003

Never underestimate strangers with blogs

Gary writes: "Self elected representatives of strangers the world over, they sought each other out. Driven only by the instinct to reduce the number of strangers on the planet by a small number, the strangers threw themselves at the scenery of life and stepped out of their stranger free comfort zones. The strangers became friends to one another proving, if nothing else, that they were alive at that same precise moment"

30 page book in two sentences

What most would take up scroll-fulls of browser-screen-pagination to attempt explaining the phenomenon of Corporate's Best Practices lynch marks on our backs Tom delivers in a stamp-sized unlimited wisdom on his blog:
"When the basic operation defaults to the corporate advantage, it slopes to further self-interested micro-defaults at the expense of the customer. Resistance to (ahem) - aggressive marketing strategies - weakens. Fraud, like Justice, is blind - fooling those who use its "best practices" to plunder fools"

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Bringing WOW! to your workplace

When was the last time you or your employees felt TRULY excited and motivated
by the work environment?

How much productivity is lost because of a lack of true teamwork and authentic
interpersonal communication?

Why are large groups of very smart, dedicated people often LESS productive than
individual contributors?

And... what are you going to do about it?

BadaBing Worst Practices Inc has a PROVEN process and FIELD-TESTED RESOURCES that WORK to
dramatically improve MORALE and PRODUCTIVITY from the shop floor to the
executive suite.

We would be thrilled to send you a FREE PREVIEW.

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We'll bring WOW! to your workplace.

Questions of Younger Generation

Recently The President Of Very United Strong Country where Liberty is a Gift of God to Humanity has visited a preschool where he gave a speech explaining his politics. After speech, questions from youngsters. A young preschooler Bob asks:
- Mister President, I have 2 questions: One. Do you think Revenge is a good justification for a War? Two. Do you think that dropping Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima was the biggest terrorist attack in the history of humanity?

But before The president could answer the question The Teacher announced a short bathroom break during which everybody was asked to leave the classroom and come back in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the President was ready for questions from Youngsters.

A young preschooler Johnny asks:
- Mister President. I have 3 questions: One. Do you think Revenge is a good justification for a War? Two. Do you think that dropping Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima was the biggest terrorist attack in the history of humanity? Three. Where is Bob?

Bada Bing

Learning from Younger Generation

An old, old grandfather looking grandfather asks his young grandson:
- What is the name of that German guy who always hides everything from me?
and the grandson reponds-
- Alzeheimer, grandpa! His name is Alzeheimer.

Bada Bing

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Spare body parts

In the spirit of Gonzo Marketing we present to you:
With our new partnerships with Siberian Chapter of Alcoholics Abadabingus and Kolhoz Dwellers of Lower Bug Valley, our venture will be a smashing hit.
Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

From Faintingo to Bada Bing

Dearly Beloved.
We have gathered here tonight to bid farewell to our dear friend "Faith in God"
It has served us well all these years and now it is time for it to leave us and for us to go on with our lives without it.

There is a journey in front of us. The journey of discovery of what's beyond our "Faith in God". As the famous song goes "I will survive..." our 'Faith In God' will survive and from time to time it will want to came back for a visit and hang out. In those moments be generous and invite it for tea or something like that. Maybe do a monthly reminiscing session where you and your 'Faith in God' can sit down, sip a cup of coffee, or tea perhaps and leaf through the pages of your life and surrender to rememberance of moments passed.

These could be splendid moments to remind yourself of 'do you remember when I was 6 years old you were just being born I decided to be mean and you prodded me to be a nice boy..." and so on. Or 'How about that time when I was so scared when my father was beating my mom and I wanted to kill him but you told me to hold on to the hope and goodness in people, etc...' Yes... very nice time...very nice time we had together growing up all these years.

But we must move forward. We are not abandoning our 'Faith in God' but simply bidding it farewell and moving to the land of "Bada Bing" to forge new frienships and create new remembrerances.

Our Computer Spellchecker for the above article has made a terrible mistake. Instead of the invented phrase "Faintingo" it replaced all occurances with "Faith in God". We apologize for the mistake.
The Editor

Copernicus Badabingus

In 'The Game of Life' the player moves from one field to the next on the board depicting a linear progression from a starting point called Birth to a finish line called Death. It has been recently discovered that the game has been played incorrectly. While the player having finished a move from one field to the next in a progression to a finish line is waiting for the next opportunity to move it has been believed that the board remains still allowing the player to ponder his next move. In fact it has been discovered that the board itself moves in a non-linear way while the player accustomed to progresssing linearily, sometimes remains still for long periods of time while finding himself hither and thither. In those moments the Player is taken by the illusion of moving yet can't explain why the moves are non-linear. The recent discovery has shaken the foundations of The Western Thought. It is believed the 'discovery' is in fact an act of sabotage to undermine the Western Thought by The Other Way of Thinking. There are rumours that Agents of The Other Way of Thinking are using a special phrase to recognize each other in the midst of noise of The Western Thought. The phrase is purported to be "Bada Bing" and the non-linearity jumps of the board itself in 'The Game of Life' are referred to as "Bada Bing Moments".

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