Saturday, January 11, 2003

Romain Rolland: Colas Breugnon - Dobrý èlovek ešte žije

I can't find any english texts about the novel "Colas Breugnon", the masterpiece of Romain Rolland so I am quoting in Czech and Polish

"Colas Breugnon: umelec - rezbár, meš�an burgundského mesta Clamecy, poctivý, dobrého srdca so zdravou galskou veselos�ou, vierou v život a láskou k nemu. Pomocou týchto vlastností prekonáva všetky �ažkosti a vždy a radostne, smelo pozerá v ústrety k novým dòom, i keï vopred vie, že zase budú �ažké a trpké. Vie sa vždy zmieri� aj s najhorším neš�astím, nestráca nikdy humor, ktorý je zdrojom jeho životnej múdrosti, životného optimizmu."

Some tidbits: "Colas Breugnon" was a challenge for Valdimir Nabokov to translate into Russian and he did a fine job has a book but you have to special order it and there is no English review. Amazon France has a review in French which I translated using google translatador contraption: "At fifty years, Breugnon Colas, robust country Burgundian of the XVII century, believes to have gained drinks it to blow a little. A pot the wine on its line, a book and a encrier in front of him, it undertakes to tell it. To tell what? All, tales of formerly and life as it is, the lived anecdote and good stories, at the rate/rhythm of the festivals and village work. The priest Short, the as faithful one to the Bottle as with the gate vault. The shepherd, the wolf and the lamb, lucid fable on the small ones of this world, always victims, even of those which claim to protect them... All that gives flesh to a rustic wisdom, rabelaisienne and lucid. "

Lovely book. Great reading. I have a copy in Polish published in 1987 and it's time to read the book again.
Did I mention Rolland got a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1915

Swety Marcin pije wino
Wode pozostawia mlynom
(french proverb in polish)

The Light outside 4 walls

This from Jeneane - "You watch children in the country, and you know this is how it's supposed to be. Family insanity and dysfunction can't penetrate the thick borders of nature.
Inside the house, there isn't much sunlight, not much growth, stagnant. Destruction courtesy of adults.
But outside is the children's domain."

EGR: Burning Down The World

We are not trying to prove the world's existence. We are trying to imagine it. Together.

The together part is where the real problems begin. I can have
visions, as can you. Natural selection, celestial mechanics,
superstrings. Tarot readings, intuition, love. Are these two
categories or one? Faith and proof are at war to know, while sugar
plums dance in our heads. If all you've got is a computer, everything
looks like a cognitive process. If all you've got is paradise,
everyone looks like a lion or a lamb

A tribute to Edward Lear's nonsense

The AlphaMale and The Pussy went to the sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat:
They took some honey, lubricant and money
Wrapped up in a five dollar note.
The AlphaMale looked up to the stars above,
And sang to a small guitar,
"O lovely Pussy, O Pussy, my love,
What a beautiful Pussy you are,
You are,
You are!
What a beautiful Pussy you are!

For another bedtime story please leave a message after the beep... BEEP...

Friday, January 10, 2003

Bada Bing translated into 100 languages in 24 hours.

With the help of hundreds of Bloggers worldwide (Yo, what's up Kisha in Kinshasa and Robo in Kosovo) we have been able to complete the impossible task of translating the famous phrase Bada Bing into 100 languages in 24 hours. Here we go.

English: Bada Bing
Polish: Bada Bing (Ba in Bada pronounced as Ba, as in Bada)
Kroatian: Bada Bing (alternative translation is Bada Bing)
Slolvenian: Baada Bjng
Czech: Bada Bjng (similar to Slovenian but the 'j' is longer)
Vietnamese: Baaaaddddaaaa Biiiinnngg (high pitched voice. Screaming)
Chinese: Bada Bing (tonal Ba and Bi. da and ng flat.)
Swahili: Bada Bing (the 'i' is tonal)
Hausa: Bada Bing
Yoruba: Bad Bing
German: Das Ist ein Bada Bing wahr schnitzel (it helps to say it while drinking beer)
Latin: Badass Bingus (we had to make this one up a little since Latins is a dead language and no Vatican Cardinals are blogging yet)
French: Le Terril de Bada
Swedish: Bad a Bin g (thanks to Josef from Stockholm)
Spanish: Una Bada Binga
Portugese: Bing De Bada (not sure if it's correct)
Hungarian: Badaz Za Bingaz
Romanian: Ba dada Bing (thanks to Tristan Tzara for help with translation)
Danish: Bada Bing
Russian: Bada Bjnn (g at the end of Bjnn is silent. 'a' in Bada is soft and wet like pussy)
Italian: Bingi Di Bada
Korean: Bada nuka Bing Bomb

RB made me do it.
OK, so it's only about 20ish. Translate the rest yourself.
Bada Bing to you all.

Get your war On

When Kissinger signs a U.S Governamet paycheck, does he use a ballpoint pen, or the bloody, severed limb of an East Timorese child

Delayed Xmas Story

And it is again we are learning of a child being born onto us. Sawyer James is his name and Xmas is about him. There was another child born at this time too. His name was Jesus. They say he was a Son of God. Saywer is a son of Tom and Wendy. I grew up learning about Jesus. His mother was a virgin. She was visited by God who spoke Jesus into existence through the lips of an Angel. They say Mary, mother of Jesus, has not been with a man. She hasn't fucked Joseph. She hasn't kissed and tasted the passion from man's lips. It is a strange thing that Jesus was born in a place where animals live. It seems the story was written by a lunatic. Maybe he was.

What a strange story. They also say that few days later Kings from strange lands had visited him. Why Kings? Who cares that Kings visited him? This is all very strange.
There is nothing strange about Sawyer. We knew Tom and Wendy had passionate sex. We knew Sawyer was coming. He didn't have any freaking Kings visit him so far, has he?. (well, if he did I would be very worried). We all rejoice in his coming into this shadow world. We know this is now going to take a lot of work in rasing this child. I can dress up like a King and follow the Star but I wouldn't want 30 years from now have some Judas collect silver for betraying him. Ever since they nailed Jesus to The Cross the humanity has been in decline. So here we are in 2003 where being human is highly overrated.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Out and Download

Cory Doctorow's first novel, 'Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom' is published today.
In a suitably Gonzo marketing move, Cory has posted the entire text of the book online for downloading under a Creative Commons licence today (and the link above is to his blog for the book).
I really liked the book myself (I reviewed it in September).

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Forget My Precious

Doc has some winning news

Jack "My Precious" Valenti continued.

Jack 'My Precious' Valenti is a powerful person. I have read his speaches and I have some thoughts on that but right now I am enjoying listing to what one reviewer describes as 'boring depressing Irish music' from the movie 'CAL'. The Irish ballads are traditional and arranged by Mark Knopfler who also plays his steel guitar. But anyway, why would I be mention this to you, dear reader? Who should you care what music inspires me and makes me depressed, and reminds me about all the moments of kissing her hot lips in the October rain and heartbreak when I saw her face for the last time while the train was carrying her off to 'I'll never see you again' land. But the music is on and her hot young lips are frozen in time, My Precious.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

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o katalominal rhinocerossola hopsamen laulitalomini hoooo
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bloguku terullala blogaulala bada bing blooooo...


Dada ist das Leben ohne Pantoffeln und Parallelen

Wir sind nicht naiv
Wir folgen aufeinander
Wir sind exclusiv
Wir sind nicht einfach
und wir können die Intelligenz gut diskutieren

Bada Bing to you all

Bloggadada Manifesto

My body is a corpse. When I attach a keyboard to it and write I attempt to prove there is life in it after all. Doing it alone I may be failing but I have inexhaustible voices of humanity breathing life into me.

postblogger pre-theoretical protocol

"...the satisfaction of unhealthy curiosity; private bell-ringing for inexplicable needs; bath; pecuniary difficulties; a stomach with repercussions on to life; the authority of the mystical baton formulated as the grand finale of a phantom orchestra with mute bows, lubricated by philtres with a basis of animal ammonia. With the blue monocle of an angel they have dug out its interior for twenty sous worth of unanimous gratitude. If all of them are right, and if all pills are only Pink, let's try for once not to be right....

this cross-blog citation in honor of Fishrush began here (well, actually it began here) and continues here (in comments), but feel free to continue it anywhere you like.