Thursday, October 30, 2003

Jeneane did it

Does the damn thing work?
No. It never did. I didn't touch it and even if I did it wasn't working anyway and fuck off cause I am not going to repeat myself that this shit didn't work, ever fucking ever, you hear? You Hear you fucker. It never worked and I don't give a fuck if you asked me if I touched it or not. 'twas broken before I got there.

Actually it was Ken. Yeah, He touched it before me. It didn't work either. So when I touched it I fucking knew already it didn't work so ask Ken, you fucker!

And then Jeneane touched it too. She knew it didn't fucking work either but she touched it anyway, just to see how fucking broken it really was. So we all touched it but it never worked, ok? now fuck off.

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