Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Can a Systems Thinker become an Entrepreneur

Via Corante we chance upon this article called The Entrepreneur as a Systems Thinker: A Revolution in the Making As I was reading this article the first words out of my imaginary mouth were YES! - YES! like I am having an orgasm - because somebody has finally nailed it. The Systems Thinker.

Oy, are we in trouble now Bruner. Oy, are you gonna be a pig now! - "Gonzo Marketing" I said to myself outloud; I have been thinking about capturing that one distinction that's hidden there in the book; well, not hidden but hidden from view if you are looking at parts only - that one distinction of Gonzo Marketing is Systems Thinking; as a whole and not a sum of it's parts. The system as a oneness in its entirety and not the whole as all of it combines, not enumerated and added but indivisible body.

So I dove into this article and I was completely suprised that such an article could be written, and Michael Gerber dares to say that it's a Revolution in the Making. Oy Bruner, You Pig! A Systems Thinker, Ay?!

So! So? Hm. Can I ever become an etrepreneur? And that's the problem. Because I don't know what that is. I don't know what 'Being Entrepreneur' is. Is it being a Systems Thinker? Hold on. I am babbling here. Yes, writing this article unedited as I am reading the abmentart (ABove MENTioned ARTicle)...

So let's enumerate the parts of the distinction as provided by Bruner, I mean Gerber.

What is a Systems Thinker?

1) A Systems Thinker is one who intuits and sees the whole of a thing, the entirety of it, the one-ness of it, the integrated unity of it, as opposed to merely the sum of its parts.

2) A Systems Thinker transcends the world in order to transform it.

3) A Systems Thinker is an inventor as opposed to an engineer.

4) A Systems Thinker sees purpose in everything, and sees the system as the realization of the purpose.

5) A Systems Thinker sees meaning in everything, and if not, pursues everything until the meaning becomes clear, until the System reveals itself in all its glory.

6) A Systems Thinker is possessed by the meaning of things.

... and thus Gerber concludes - "All great entrepreneurs are Systems Thinkers. All who wish to become great entrepreneurs need to learn how to become a Systems Thinker. Or, more accurately, need to develop their innate passion for seeing things whole. "; and a bit of "We are the World, We are the Children" thrown in there as well in the following words "For transcending the world. Their world. Our world. All worlds.". I think Bob Geldof would have been pround. Shit. I am proud.

OK. I wanted to write more about it but I lost interest. But anyway, being a Systems Thinker that I am I think I will go and follow the example and clean my messy desk and start becoming an Entrepreneur. The author seems to thinnk that clean desk is the way to go. OK then, I shall be teachable Systems Thinker.

I thank you humbly for your attention for the courage to read these snippets of fragmented thoughts as they collided with the possibility of emergent wholeness being born from the clarity of my frustrations. Well. Good day. Off to Poland I go to attend a Carnival. A Systems Thinker's Carnival. I even got a black suit for it and a tie too.

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