Monday, February 17, 2003

You are all invited to whoop it up. Feel free to think freely. Try to get outside the whining of those who see the merger of Google and Pyra as the kiss of death, the Trojan Horse, the Evil Empire coming home to roost on our forehead and shit in our beers.

Have a look at what Jeneane is saying here and here. See some of the other comments here. And Denise here. And Cory here. And I blogged about it here.

Why is this such a big deal? To me, it's because we have for a moment a linking of large and small, a linking that we have no reason to assume, prejudicially, is nefarious or anything like what such a linking would be if this were AOLTW and the New York Times, or MSN and Rupert Murd. There might be a grand experiment here, one that needs a little room to grow. This could reconfigure mainstream media, or at least shake it up in healthful ways. Let's hope with David Weinberger that it is still possible, at this stage of human evolution, for one large company to not cave to the temptation to become a stupid large company.

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